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The Gay Marriage Thing

0 Jun 11, 2005 0.6 views

THE GAY MARRIAGE THING is not some historical commentary on gay rights in the United States. It is instead a small story with big implications. By focusing on one suburban couple and the multitude of events that directly affect that couple's otherwise average life, THE GAY MARRIAGE THING strives to show a different side of this issue than documentaries or television newscasts have thus far. This tale is cinematic in its storytelling, rather than journalistic in its reporting. There are plenty of other worthy documentaries where "experts" abound. But this film is about the biggest experts of all, real people. With protesters and their colorful signs serving as a Greek chorus, and an array of opinions from church, state, and everyone in between, this is the film that family members can finally watch together. THE GAY MARRIAGE THING is the documentary that opens dialogue, fully expecting the audience to continue it.