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Watch This

0 Sep 03, 2013 0.6 views

Three of today's hottest indie horror directors present this collaborative effort that brings some new thrills & fasted-paced chills with five new inventive tales.

You Can’t Watch This

8 May 15, 2019 1.354 views

Peer through the lens of a high profile political dissident, banished from the online world. After introducing the viewer to each of the five characters, the film recounts how each individual then came to lose their access to social media and the affect it had on them at the time, and since the event. With their stories told, they present the broader issues raised by their media de-platforming and what they foresee in their future in media and the whole of Western Culture at-large.

Don't Watch This

2.7 Oct 29, 2018 3.161 views

Ghoulish creatures, dark obsessions and unsettling visions await in this hair-raising set of short horror films. You've been warned.

Watch This Space

0 Dec 31, 1969 0.6 views

Watch This Space was a short-lived Australian children's science fiction television series which ran on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation from 7 April to 13 June 1982. The show starred Paul Chubb, in his first leading role on a television series, as a red skinned alien named Rufus who arrives on Earth and attempts to live as a human. The alien is helped by a local man, played by co-star Ron Blanchard, who attempts to help him fit in including helping disguise his spaceship as a normal home and later moved in with him as a roommate. Being largely unaware of Earth culture, the alien would regularly become involved in comical social situations. This was most often as his human friend's expense who, while receiving weekly visitors, continually tries to explain away his odd behavior and the existence of his talking shipboard computer. Other actors who appeared on the series included local bands, performers and celebrity guest stars such as Steve Bisley, Liddy Clark, Jon English, Rebecca Gilling, Tracy Mann and Kris McQuade.